How to create a MySQL Database

Creating the Database Account

  1. Login to Your Cpanel account
  2. Go to the "Databases" section
  3. Click on "MySQL Database Wizard"
  4. Give the database a name then proceed
  5. Fill in the form with the username and password you would like to give the MySQL account
  6. Click Create User
  7. Assign the permissions to the account then click Next Step.
  8. Congratulations you made a MySQL Account

Want to access the MySQL database from an external server e.g. GameServer?

Remote MySQL Management

To do this we need go to the Cpanel Home Page

  1. go to the "Databases" section
  2. Click "Remote MySQL"
  3. In the "Host" box you need to set the IP which you want to allow or the Hostname. If you want to allow any IP address to access the MySQL server then put "%" in the box.
  4. The "Comment" box is for naming the IP/Hostname e.g. TCAdmin Gameserver #1
  5. Once Finished Click "Add Host"
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