The term ‘user’ is referred to the client at Mania Hosts who rents a service from Mania Hosts. The term ‘user’ may also be referred to as ‘client’ or ‘customer’ in this document.

The term ‘Mania Hosts, we or us’, without limitation refers to ourselves as the company.

When a user is registering with Mania Hosts they will have agreed to the terms of service in order to make the account and host with us.

They will also be reminded while purchasing a service to agree to the Terms of Service.

Mania Hosts can suspend/terminate a user’s service if it is in violation of these Terms of Service. The service may also be suspended by Mania Hosts at any given time and for any valid reason.

Mania Hosts has the right to update/modify the Terms of Service at any time without any given warning. It is Mania Hosts users own responsibility to frequently look at the Terms of Service for any changes.

The files and data stored on our services is only to be used for the service.

Mania Hosts game servers may not be used for host name spamming purposes and other such activities a strictly prohibited on our hosting services. The server/servers in question will be cancelled without refund.

Support Terms

A Mania Hosts user’s support request will be handled based on the level of priority meaning that high priority will take less time to be answered.

At Mania Hosts we will try to answer all support tickets within 4-24 hours however certain requests may not fit within the 24 hour response time due to a high level of requests or on-going issues.

Mania Hosts retain the rights to revoke support requests to a user if they are abusing the priority features to get faster responses e.g. Install 1 mod/plugin which isn't essential and setting it as high priority.

Mania Hosts users are asked to be respectful towards Mania Hosts staff.

Warnings will be issued for minor offenses however major disrespect will lead to suspension of support services for a period of time.

Service Terms

Mania Hosts guarantee to provide hosting services to our users with a 99.9% up time or greater, however server issues do still occur. Downtime is measured in box downtime not server downtime meaning that if the box is down for more than 99.9% you are viable for a partial refund equivalent to the down time which will be added to account credit only.

Mania Hosts users agree not to abuse or exploit bugs in our control panels and to report them to support so that we can work on fixing the issues or report them to the software developer.

Mania Hosts users are only able to resell our services if they have written consent from Mania Hosts. Failure to comply will result in suspension of all services attached to the user who is reselling without permission.

Mania Hosts users may not use our services to ruin the reputation of Mania Hosts or companies which are directly associated with, or are owned by Mania Hosts.

Refund Policy

San Andreas Multiplayer Hosted Tab Purchases are non refundable upon purchase due to payments to a third party being required to offer these services.

Refunds on recurring payments are only eligible for 3 days after the charge date.

Mania Hosts users understand that any incoming payment from bitcoin are strictly non-refundable meaning that any credit added by this method must be used on the account.

Refunds Requests are usually 3 days after payment and are also subject to valid reason being provided i.e. Downtime, Extended periods of DDOS attacks. Mania Hosts reserve all rights to reject refund requests if the reason provided doesn't fit the refund criteria.

Refunds on services due to downtime will be given in account credit.

Suspension/Termination Policy

Mania Hosts customers must renew their services on time or they will be suspended, however all files are still accessible for 14 days after suspension extensions are available on a request basis only you must also provide information such as expected renewal dates.

Mania Hosts customer can't renew on time it is her/her responsibility to contact support and try to come to a solution. In the event of a server move all services hosted on the box in question will be offline for the duration of the move. It is up to the Mania Hosts user to frequently check for updates on the situation which will be posted on our website and/or emailed to the user directly. This action is a last resort action to solve an on-going problem meaning that it very unlikely to occur.

It is the Mania Hosts users own responsibiity to keep their data safe. Mania Hosts cannot be held liable for any data loss or corruption. While we do supply several features to our users which will assist in data consistency and protection with our control panels. It is also at the Mania Hosts users own responsibility to make regular backups in order to control data loss.

Any Mania Hosts users who are caught DDOSing other hosts or provoking DDOS attacks towards Mania Hosts will have their service immediately terminated if valid evidence is given.

General Terms

At Mania Hosts we have many systems in place to comply with data protection laws such as all administrators at Mania Hosts are able to access your service data, support tickets, Name on the account, username and email address in order to confirm you’re the owner of the account however in rare cases the Mania Hosts executive may be asked to confirm certain sensitive information such as transaction ID's.

If you do not agree to these terms and conditions you have 2 options and these are:

1) Don't purchase a server from Mania Hosts.

2) If you don't want to disclose your full name, then enter your first name and an initial or give us another name you would like to refer to you by via our customer service system.

Website Hosting terms

The web hosting provided by Mania Hosts is only to be used to host web content only. Your hosting may not be used for any other content (i.e. Server backups, file downloads, etc.). The only exceptions to this is FastDL redirect servers or Server DNS setups (i.e.

All files hosted must comply with UK content laws. We do not provide hosting for any type of adult content meaning that if adult content is found then the service can be suspended without warning.

If you intend on using your web hosting for resource intensive applications such as streaming videos, hosting browser based games, etc., please contact us for alternative plans.

Shell accounts are not to be used to run any processes not related to web hosting is strictly prohibited. This includes processes such as bots, game servers, voice servers, server applications. If you are unsure if you are allowed to run a certain application, please contact support.

VPS Hosting Terms

Virtual Private Servers are not to be used for illegal activities this include but not limited to: DDOS Booters, Seedbox, Hack Tools, Illegal Downloads, Spam Bots

All files hosted on the VPS are the users responsibility and liability.

Mania Hosts Reserve the right to temporarily suspend service if resource usage is deemed to be impacting the network until the issue resolved.

Shoutcast Hosting Terms

Shoutcast Streams are not to be used for distributing illegal copyrighted music.

Mania Hosts Reserve the right to temporarily suspend/terminate streams that infringe upon copyright law or are deemed to be malice in nature.


Any payment disputes will result in all the services owned by the Mania Hosts user being suspended until the dispute has been resolved or other arrangements have been made.

Any referral or affiliate credits may only be used towards the purchase of web hosting or game hosting services.

It is the Mania Hosts customer’s responsibility to cancel any recurring payment or subscriptions to our services which can be done via the billing panel.

In order to completely cancel the recurring payment the Mania Hosts user may need to login to his/her payment account to cancel the payment.

Mania Hosts is not held liable for any un-intended payments.


Terms of Service Last Edited: 18/07/2020