Creating Custom Nameservers

Step 1 – Glue Records / Host Names

Since your domain name has a registrar such as GoDaddy, Namecheap, Enom, Network Solutions, or Reseller Club (or of course, Brixly) you would go to their site and find the place to register or record a “hostname” for the domain name.

Each registrar will have a little different terminology and procedure, but what you need to do is create a host name on your domain name and assign an IP address to that host name. A host name on a domain is the third level name. An example of a host name is “ns1”. Adding this to our domain name we will need to register “ns1.yourdnsserver.tld” to the IP address of the server where this account is located.

You will have received a welcome email from us when signing up for your reseller product. Within this email, you will be provided with the correct IP addresses for the nameservers – its those IP addresses you use for your ‘host names’

If you are using our cPanel reseller hosting, then the IP addresses for your custom nameservers are…

ns1.yourdnsserver.tld –
ns2.yourdnsserver.tld –

Step 2 – Add the DNS records to your ‘DNS Zone’

After we have registered our 2 custom nameservers with our domain registrar, we need to add the host names to our DNS zone file. They would be entered as “A” records into the DNS zone file, pointing to the same IP addresses we ‘glued’ earlier in step 1.

| If you have purchased your reseller account from Brixly, then this would have already been done for you automatically.

Step 3 – Propagation

Once both of the previous steps are completed, you should wait at least 24 hours to be sure that your DNS changes have been completely propagated and are updated everywhere on the Internet. At this time you can either have your customers change the nameservers on their existing domains or any new customers can add your custom nameservers to their domain names when they sign up with you.

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